What we do

Every client has a unique set of needs.  We offer a wide variety of services to provide our clients with cross-industry, cross-discipline solutions to successfully address their needs.  Need help with your Website?  Trying to navigate local or state government?  Planning an event?

We do that.
Download a full list and overview of our services. (PDF)

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Legal Services
  • Grant Writing
  • Public Relations
  • Lobbying
  • Coalition Building
  • Community Relations
  • Creative Services/Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Online Strategy and Communication (e.g., newsletters, social media)
  • Website Creation and Management
  • Event Creation and Management (e.g., board retreat, annual events, workshops)
  • Organizational Development
  • Collateral Design and Content (e.g., brochure, annual report)
  • Reorganizations and Mergers
  • Strategic Planning
  • Board Governance and Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Business Development
  • Program Evaluation
  • Trainings (e.g., computer skills)
  • Revenue Diversification

Is there something else you are looking for?  Ask us.

What is Public Relations?

Research: Market and internal
Strategic Planning: Target audiences, vision, objectives, messages, delivery
Getting noticed
Community Relations: Finding favor and support in your community
Government Relations:
Friends in high places
Stakeholder Relations: Communication and education
Lobbying: Stake a position

What are Creative Services?

Ideas: Finding ways to enhance your visual presence in the marketplace
Marketing plan:
Developing a road map to meet your goals and milestones by which to measure your successes
Design: Building brand awareness by raising your profile with well-crafted materials that deliver your message to your audience
Experience: Knowing what works and why — allowing you to hit the ground running

What is Organizational Development?

Assessment: What prevents us from reaching the next level?
Strategic Analysis: Which among the myriad of choices are brightest?
Business Diversity: But where and how should we expand?
Directors Roles: The ED and Board are a dynamic, powerful team, right?
Executive Coaching: Need a confidential, non-biased sounding board that challenges your thinking?
Senior Management Structure: Do we have the right structure and the right people in the right positions?

What is Marketing?

Audience: Identifying and defining who knows about you and who should.
Messaging: Framing your message to effectively tell your story.
Branding: Promoting your brand consistently across multiple channels and audiences to gain and keep brand recognition.
Evaluation: Measuring your success and benchmarking your progress.
Project Management: Staying focused, on track and on budget. Really.

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